Warren McCall

Warren McCallDOB: October 28, 1972
Occupation: Member of the Legislative Assembly – Regina Elphinstone-Centre
Known for: Politics
Resident of North Central: 35 years

Warren McCall has lived in the North Central neighbourhood most of his life. Besides having lived in Israel for a year and Ottawa for awhile, he has spent much of his 40+ years in the neighbourhood. Some of his greatest achievements working for and within the North Central neighbourhood are being involved in government contribution. Being a the Elphinstone MLA Representative he has been involved in the development of 100+ affordable housing units in north central, the North Central Shared Facility and different public health initiatives, particularly KidsFirst. “These were things that were needed and benefited the neighbourhood at that time.”

One thing North Central offers is diversity and Warren says, “That’s something I am grateful for, was I grew up with First Nations, Métis, and new Canadian kids. That’s something that North Central offers is that you have all sorts of different people from all sorts of different backgrounds.” Living in North Central today, and having his office located on 5th Avenue reminds Warren of the type of leadership he wants to provide to the community he serves. He takes part in community activities, sits on the Community Council board at Scott Collegiate and strives to be accessible to his community. “First and foremost I’m from North Central and I choose to live in North Central. I think if you want to be serious about something then these are the things you should do.”