History of NCCA

The North Central Community Association was incorporated in August 1976. North Central is one of the largest inner city neighbourhoods in the City of Regina and represents a population of over 12,000 people in an area of 183 square blocks, consisting of 4300 homes and over 200 businesses.

Over the last 3 decades the organization has led the city, province and country in programming initiatives from a community perspective. North Central Community Association was one of the first neighbourhoods in Canada to convert their library into a community based governance structure. The Albert Library has won awards throughout Canada and the world for its Aboriginal based content and unique programming.

Albert SchoolIn most neighbourhoods, community associations fill the role of coordinating social, cultural and recreation activities for the community. In the case of the inner city, the priorities of the residents go beyond that of its suburban neighbours. Over the years, NCCA has addressed the needs of the community based on their feedback with successful initiatives including gang exit strategies, street prostitution initiatives, development of a crime prevention task force and employment training programs. NCCA is the only organization that is elected by the community and whose mandate is the development of the neighbourhood as a whole. As a result, NCCA has taken more of a paternal approach to ensure that the overall health of the community is being addressed by advocating for policy and legislative reform from the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Governments.

The association is well entrenched in the community and has effectively integrated and partnered with key delivery agencies throughout the city. The Association has over the last few years begun to develop a series of sub committees and task groups as a means to bring expertise and technical resources to this volunteer board. The Association is seen as the leader in the field of community development and is considered the key partner to the various levels of government and their perspective departments. The NCCA has positioned itself to be a key spokesperson for the community and has earned numerous seats on multiple intergovernmental committees as a means to bring a community perspective to business of community development.