Timothy Long

Timothy LongDOB: Jan. 30, 1961
Occupation: Head Curator of the MacKenzie Art Gallery of Regina
Heritage: Western European Settler
Year Graduated from Scott Collegiate: 1978
Resident of North Central: 19 years

Timothy Long was born and raised in North Central and spent nineteen years living in the neighbourhood. He attended Kitchener elementary school and graduated from Scott Collegiate in 1978. As the Head Curator of the MacKenzie Art Gallery, some of his greatest achievements include celebrating art and artists from Saskatchewan. “I’m particularly proud of the exhibitions I’ve done that have highlighted Saskatchewan art history and artists of this region, including an exhibition entitled Regina Clay: Worlds in the Making, which is an art movement that began here and reflects the regional realities of this province.”

Timothy remembers living in the North Central neighbourhood as “Fairly positive. There were always lots of activities for children. Attending Scott Collegiate I was really encouraged to pursue visual arts by the high school art teacher. Being in the arts was a good thing; it was something that was encouraged.” Timothy says it’s important to tell stories from the place you come from. He continues to give back to the community by working with Aboriginal and Métis artists and curators “who serve as cultural leaders to those communities in the city.”