Jason Bird

Jason BirdDOB: March 21, 1975
Occupation: University of Regina: Student Recruitment, Career Services and Academic Advising.
Heritage: First Nation – Salteaux / Cree
Date Immigrated: 1991 from Peepeekisis First Nation
Resident of North Central: 14 years

Jason Bird is a Cree-Saulteaux from the Peepeekisis First Nation, where he lived for twelve years before moving to the North Central neighbourhood in 1987. He attended Sacred Heart elementary school and graduated from Scott Collegiate. He has lived in the North Central neighbourhood for fourteen years. Of living in the neighbourhood Jason says, “I really enjoyed the community feeling that was there. Everybody knows everybody and is willing to help one another out.” Jason applies this communal feeling he received from the North Central neighbourhood and applies it to the work place as an Academic Advisor at the University of Regina, where he has worked in Student Recruitment and Career Services for the past six years. “My goal is to always support and encourage people to continue down the path that makes their lives better. I understand how tough it is to make it out and to continue to thrive with the many problems we all face in life. My goal is to always stand by the side of fellow people from North Central and encourage them in tough times and celebrate their accomplishments.”